PULP Foundation Is a worldwide movement formed by global citizens to spread Love, Peace and Unity in Africa and across the World.. Most of all, we care for the Homeless; Orphans; Disabled & Women displaced by conflicts worldwide, especially in Nigeria, our host nation. Join & Follow Us Today.



Today, a patriotic movement has emerged, to address the biggest hindrance to our survival as citizens of all nations in Africa, with our right to life and the pursuit of love and happiness therein. That movement is called PULP-F: PEOPLE UNITED IN LOVE AND PEACE FOUNDATION.


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We aim to use this slogan, as a clarion call to every citizen of Africa and Nigeria in particular, to embrace each other with Love, by seeing everyone as one people, living in Peace and Unity as members of one family, in a one indivisible nation, no matter in which African country we find ourselves.


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Our Mission

Our mission is to use the power of communication, inspiration, positive messaging, Crusade-styled Rallies and social empowerment programs, targeting our women and youths, to spread the message of love, peace and unity to our general listening audience across the various tribes and tongues in Africa, beginning with Nigeria, our host country.
We will use all manner of Brand Image marketing Communication strategy, including Billboards; Public Speaking engagements; Radio; Television; music Entertainment; Publicity; Events and Sponsorships, in partnership with Corporate Africa, to propagate this agenda to the entire civil society within our targeted market reach.

Our Vision

We hope to use the tools in our stated mission, to restore the lives of the broken-hearted; seek out men and women in despair about the challenges they face in their various nations of Africa and give them hope for a better future in years ahead.
Most importantly, we will use our resources, in conjunction with donations from other heart-felt philanthropist across the world,
to help those who have lost their hopes; wipe away tears from the eyes of the forgotten women and their children, bringing closure to their plights, and hopefully, help to bring peace and harmony into their lives once again.
By so doing, a new lease of life will be born with an opportunity for them to live in freedom with their pursuit of love and happiness, once again.

Organization Causes

Protect and enhance poverty.


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We Are A Worldwide Non-Profit Charitable Organization

We Give A Helping Hand, to The Needy In Africa and Beyond.

We also, undertake other Social Responsibility programs like Poverty alleviation; Provision of Vocational training and Education to the youths and indigent members of our society.

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Before the slave masters left the shores of Africa, they decimated, fragmented and partitioned our various countries for the purpose of carting away our resources both human and natural, to create wealth in their home nations, leaving us to hang dry and possibly die off with no administive structures of nation building put in place for us to build upon, the result of which is the quagmire we found ourselves up to this day.
It is in the light of this, that we have come to realize that the bane of our nations in building a better future for ourselves is the lack of love, peace and unity among our peoples as intended by those who colonized us, which has continued to hinder our progress in the development of our civil societies till today.
To address and remedy this situation, people with like minds, have come together to form the PEOPLE UNITED IN LOVE AND PEACE (PUP) FOUNDATION.
Using Music and other entertainment platforms, we will travel and tour the36 states of Nigeria and Abuja, our nation’s capital, to propagate the message of oneness among our people and the indivisibility of Nigeria into different enclaves as some people are seeking to achieve in recent times.
By bringing the message of hope, Unity, Peace and of course the empowerment of our women and youths, we might begin to make impact in the lives of millions of Nigerians, who may decide to give peace a chance and come ready to change their mindset of being victims to that of nation builders and change-makers.
Under a proper and well-guided focus-driven leadership that PUP hopes to provide, we believe that a new dawn of love, equity, justice, peace, and unity will berth across our lands, sooner than later. When that happens, our PUP slogan of ONE LOVE, ONE PEOPLE, ONE NATION will be realized.